Why it is so important to purchase your plumbing fixtures through local licensed plumbing professionals

Local plumbing contractors are part of your community. They are familiar with local codes and municipal water systems. They may be your neighbor or your customer. Their success keeps your community strong.

Your building or remodeling project is a large investment and the kitchen or bath often becomes the main focal point of your home. Working with a professional utilizes their skill, knowledge and experience to make that happen.

Your plumber will know what products work together. Faucets and sinks have to match up for proper installation. If the pieces don't fit, you may end up paying for two service calls rather than one...and, you will have to spend more time and energy tracking down the proper parts yourself.

Your plumber will also know if your fixture or faucet needs additional parts in order to be installed properly. For instance, some sinks need a wall bracket or special supply tubes. The plumber will know this before he arrives and will have the proper pieces with him to complete the job in one stop.

Not all products sold by retailers meet the proper plumbing codes. Your plumber may not be able to install these items for you.

When a plumber supplies your fixtures, he is taking full responsibility for the quality of those items. If there is a manufacturing defect or shipping damage, your plumber will get it replaced for you.

If there are parts missing from the box, the plumber will take care of it. You won't have to pay the plumber to wait around while you are busy running around getting additional parts for him to finish your job!

If your fixture or faucet develops a problem shortly after installation, our plumber will not charge you to come out and fix it if he sold you the item. He more than likely will have to charge you for his time if the defect is a third party's responsibility.